Well you may ask what is the receiving mode? As it is, we are all spiritual beings in human bodies whether we like it or not. When you want to manifest things into your life its not as simple as just being positive and writing down affirmations. The way of the universe is and the way of us spiritual beings is channelled through energy. Yes, that is correct everything is manifested through energy! So, when you want something for yourself it really goes by what mood you are in and how you feel about things. It comes downs to 3 steps. The first step, all you really need to do is ask and send out the vibrations to how you feel about having a certain someone or thing in your life, honestly just imagine you already have it because telling yourself I will be happy when I have it, this will do the complete opposite, just feel great about it and then leave it. Step two, just leave it to the universe but do not talk about it or keep doubting about when it will come, just imagine you are already in that place or whatever it is you want you have it already. Feel all the emotions that would come with it. And step three is allowing it to come in and to do this you need to learn to quiet your mind and be happy with your life as it is now, no matter what situation. Meditation can help you to get to this third step as meditation helps to quiet your mind and you send out great vibration to attract anything you want. You become like a magnet. Try meditating today, it is amazing how it can make you feel. Through daily practise of meditation and getting in touch with your higher self this will help you to become in the receiving mode.

Much Love. xxx

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