We are all moving into a new evolution and we are now in the middle of the shift. As time goes by more of us physical human beings are becoming more aware that we are more than just a mind and body, there is more meaning to life than what most people know, human consciousness is becoming the new normality.

We could say we are living on this earth as 2 separate beings, the first being as a human being in a physical body used as our shell who has this personality which you call I, and then there is our spiritual being, this is our immortal soul who is the true you. As we have an understanding that we will all experience being born into this world and we will all experience death of our body and personalities but there will never be death of our soul. Our souls are indestructible, and we will keep coming back to this earth to continue to learn more and more.

Get to know your soul, become silent and go within yourself and let go of everything, your soul is always trying to communicate with you in many ways, but most of us do not realize this as our personalities are always one step ahead and tries to overpower our soul. Your soul provides you so much unconditional love and will always be there for you.

When you are feeling stuck or confused in life just take a moment to become still and breathe, become aware of your heartbeat and you will receive your answers. If we all could make choices and decisions coming from our human consciousness, then the world and people would become more loving and share more compassion.

Get to know your soul to have an understanding as to why you are here on this earth. We all have a purpose to fulfil. Let your soul guide you to follow your intensions for yourself. We should all realise that life is not all about working at a job 9-5 to pay bills and a mortgage, to follow one another and become competitive, there is so much more to life than this. Remember that your soul within you is your true soul mate for eternity.

Do yourself a favour and connect with your pure soul, you will notice that your choices and decisions in life will lead you towards the path that was meant for you.

Much Love .xxx

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