Let us make your Friday a free day with your own mind. Free your mind from repetitive and worrisome thoughts. Spend your day feeling and listening to your heart, allow feelings of appreciation and gratitude and love to come through.

With so much going on in the world around us allow yourself to be free from it all, learn to detach from everything but keep yourself open to anything. Wherever you are in your journey look at the great things that has happened already and imagine and feel from your heart where or what it is you want for yourself, feel within yourself as if it has already happened.

Keep yourself in the now moment all day, feel free in the present moment and listen to the sound of your own heart beat and appreciate your life, you are precious and this is the biggest miracle of all. Free yourself from any drama in your life, free yourself from negative news, free yourself from anger and resentments.

We live in a world of magnificence, so free yourself from wanting more, just be grateful for your life how it is right at this moment. Go outside and feel the true essence from nature, because this is who we all truly are. Take a look around you, look around at your environment that you are in right at this moment and be grateful, then breathe in the air, look at the magical clouds, feel the sunshine on your skin, watch the birds fly, there is always the feeling of love in nature.

Become happy and joyous for your life by feeling free from fear and doubts, stop trapping yourself in your own mind, what ever it is you are doing at this moment, stop, close your eyes and place your hand over your heart beat, taking a deep slow breath in and out and smile.

Tell yourself you will enjoy your Friday free day. Continue your day and your life feeling the same way, like water in the river flowing, think that you are the water, free flowing through your way of your journey.

Much love. xxx

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