As we grow up in our lives, we have been taught that there are the right ways to act upon certain things and there are the wrong ways, but truly who is to say really what is the right way or the wrong way. My belief, there is no right or wrong with anything, it should be what you as an individual feels, if something you have done or said does not make you feel good inside, deep inside, then you can make up your own mind about it. If something you have done or said that makes you feel sick or not quit right, then you will know that this was not the choice to make. But to some body else’s opinion they may think the opposite. So really what is right or wrong??? This can become very confusing, but it all comes down to the knowing within yourself. We all grow up learning about the ins and outs of life and to everyone’s belief one thing we all need to be open to is FORGIVING. Holding on to resentment or feeling shameful for one’s action does nothing but destroy your own good energy, which cause deterioration of ones health, it does not matter what the situation is. So, let us make today FORGIVING FRIDAY. Everyone one has a situation where they could forgive. You may even feel like you should forgive yourself for something you have dealt with. Come on, visualize the moment, acknowledge what had happened in this moment and then tell yourself you are willing to let it go. Or even call someone or send a simple message and send out your forgiveness. You will feel like you have just zapped yourself with so much great energy, it will feel amazing as you will continue doing this. I send out my forgiveness to anyone that I may have hurt. And I forgive myself.

Much Love. xxx

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