Its Christmas Day and why not make this day the most precious day of your life and live it for how it is today. Enjoy this magical day and beautiful moment. We hear a lot around in families and friends all around us about all the conflicts and resentment, anger, blame and shame. Just stop for a moment and become understanding and put your self in the shoes of another, feel their feelings and emotions, become aware of how worthless it is to keep holding onto so much negative pain and problems that will never become solved by condemning the situation.

Today do not let your egoic mind take control! Take a moment, silence your mind, go within and for yourself and others just forgive and let go and become merry!

This would be the best gift ever for anyone around you. Christmas is a time to present love, joy, and and become blissful. Go ahead, send that message, make that call or surprise visit that person that is much needed of love rather than resentment. You will feel like a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders and your life will become much more flowing with magical events.

Today is the day to forgive and let go, even if you feel you may need to forgive yourself for anything you have been holding onto for way too long. Gifts are always nice to receive from our loved ones but there is nothing more magical than beautiful, warm, wholehearted words, hugs, and kisses from that special someone that you have not seen or heard from in a very long time over some silly behaviour, no matter what it is! It cant be changed so it means absolutely nothing now!

Merry Christmas to all of you from me, stay present in this miraculous moment, forgive, and let go and become merry.

Much Love. xxx

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