Do you ever stop to wander, who am I? What am I meant to be doing in my life? I think we will all question ourselves this sometime through our lifetime. Truth is we are all here for a purpose only we need to figure it out what it is, on our own. We could be working a fulltime time job somewhere earning good money but is this your life purpose? Is this your true passion? For some of us the answer would be no, but we are always doing things to try and unravel what we want for ourselves. We need to look at our lives like water, watch how the water always flows no matter what circumstance.

Finding your flow is important for whatever passion or your interest you have for your own life. You will know deep within when you find what is right for you because what you enjoy doing will just flow for you. Your purpose in life will be flowing for you all the time just like the water flows through the river.

You will feel within your heart that what you do for yourself will make you feel at ease, no matter what it is, it might be a boring thing to do for someone else but for yourself when you are doing what you enjoy, if it feels right for you then you are meant to be doing it. You may enjoy it so much that you do not even need to put much effort into it.

Some of us may still be wandering what is it that I should be doing? Write a list of things that you enjoy doing, what are you interests in life, what do you do in your life that puts you in that state of bliss. For example if you have a passion to play sports then maybe you would consider something along that field. You might even have a strong urge to help people, so there are always many alternatives that you can find in which will support your own passion in life.

Quit doing things you no longer enjoy and start to live the life that you are meant to. Remember we are all born creators and we can do anything we put our heart and soul towards.

Much Love. xxx

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