FIND YOUR BLISS Poem by Priscilla.

As l was once one living in fear,

l sat in silence to shed my tear.

Finding acceptance within yourself,

Is so more powerful than to look for wealth.

To go through life’s journey it is no race,

As the magic of life comes at a slow pace.

Don’t do anything you will not miss,

Keep your mind open you will find your bliss.

As we learn to live the simple life,

You will find happiness both you and your wife.

Don’t put yourself down nor put yourself higher than others,

Only keep yourself in the middle a moderate life is a happier and healthier life, just ask your mothers.

Do what you feel is right,

Close your eyes to see what’s insight.

Feel it, see it, taste it, know it and hear it as loud as it roars.

And before you even know it, it will be yours.

Much Love. xxx

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