The world at times may seem to be chaotic,

And our lives as we live it may become very robotic.

With more negative thoughts and many conflicts all around us,

We must all try to stop for a moment and ask why we make so much fuss.

Whatever happened to all the thanks and appreciation,

And all our high values along with gratification.

For the world to have peace, we must find peace within our hearts,

Remembering who you are, go within yourself, this is where to start.

Understanding things that happen all around the world will never make much sense,

We need to accept things for how it is, let it all go, and we will allow our peace to commence.

We live in a world filled with much fear which is all an illusion,

When we find peace within our hearts, there will never be any confusion.

There is infinite space and infinite love within us all,

When we can all find this, our world around us shall not fall.

Together we can create world peace, to rediscover our world filled with so much love and light,

We shall find peace within our hearts, as we sit in silence and we stare at the stars through the night.

Let us enjoy each moment in life to see beauty all around us,

With so much love, peace, and joy and all the good things happening all over the world to discuss.

We can all take part in creating world peace today,

Go within, find peace within our hearts, and let us pray.

Much Love. xxx

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