FEELING ALONE. (my poem)

There will always be many times as we travel along our own journey,

Where many situations and events will seem too difficult to see, as it can become very blurry.

At times we are strong, at times we can feel a bit confused with everything,

We may feel numb towards our own emotions, we won’t even feel the need to laugh and sing.

Nothing seems to go my way, no one seems to even notice,

These are the thoughts running through my mind and I just cannot seem to focus.

I don’t want to express to anyone how I am really feeling, I just want to be left alone,

I just want to do my own thing, not deal with any situation, and live in the unknown.

I shouldn’t have to worry about everyone else, this is just how I feel,

I want to find myself, to discover my true essence of who I really am, this is what is real.

We can all fall into that dark place of feeling alone, where we sit and stare,

We wander about so many things, one of them is, “does anyone actually care?”

Feeling alone is like being lost in a maze, you don’t know which way to go,

And just when you think you have made the right turn, you become stuck again yelling out, “HELLO!”

I totally understand how it feels to feel alone, I have been in that dark place many times,

As I have discovered many mountains with the most hazardous climbs.

We face life, we face problems, we face suffering throughout,

But one thing for sure when we awake within, we can get though any storm, without a doubt.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is let it all out, enough supressing your emotions,

We need to give ourselves more love and devotion.

Much Love. xxx

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