Our fabulous five senses 1. TO SEE Be grateful to see how beautiful this universe has been created, the colours of the rainbow, the beauty of nature for what it is, to see our loved ones, to watch newborn babies grow and the beauty in ourselves. 2. TO TOUCH The magic touch of someone special you love is the most amazing feeling. Our hugs and kisses can express how much you care about people. We sometimes touch things to learn about textures and materials and to feel safe and to learn. 3. TO HEAR. We recognise the voices around us , we hear the birds singing, we hear the wind blowing and the pitter- patter of the rain drops on the roof as we sit by the fire we feel relaxed and secure. The sound of music is joyful, as we listen to the peace and quiet on top of the mountain view. To hear our own heartbeat is a miraculous thing. 4. TO SMELL. The nose always knows as we smell our way through life. The scent of roses to make you smile, the smell of freshly cut lawn makes us feel great as we sniff our way to what makes us feel good and protection from danger and toxins. We smell the amazing food that we are surrounded with by different cultures. It is blissful. 5. TO TASTE. Mmmmm to taste is a delicious gift. Can you only imagine eating without taste? I know l love my food and I’m sure you do to. So tasting our way to make us feel delightful is also a blessing. These are Five fabulous things we should live to appreciate and be grateful for what we have been given. This is the biggest gift in life. Much love. xxx

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