Energy is all around us, the universe is full of energy, we are energy spiritual beings, so this means our emotional behaviour is energy in motion. This is how we all go around and come around. There is a mass of energy moving a speed of vibrations. The infinite magnetic field of energy is what helps us to keep us in alignment.

It is most important to stay in awareness of your own emotions, because as they say, how we think and feel this creates our own reality! We are not always going to be bouncing around full of energy but keep full attention on your thoughts and feelings, get to know yourself by asking yourselves why you are feeling low or moody so you are able to make better choices for yourself. Our emotions are our life’s guide as they help us to transcend.

Just remember we can control our own emotions, so this means we are in control of our own life’s choices. We want to keep ourselves in the highest frequency energy levels because when we are in greater alignment with the universal magnetic energy fields this is when the unknown happens.

Your powerful energy connection between you and the universe can bring to you the most sensational manifestations. Feelings of gratefulness and appreciation can make you feel blissful, these emotions will keep you in that high frequency state in which will keep you tuned in with that magical energic field.

Keep blissful.

Much Love. xxx

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