I’m wandering why am I feeling a certain way,

When sometimes I feel I have nothing to say.

I feel like I am dealing with others emotions,

And hoping that I can make some type of potion.

To be able to get into the mind of my loved ones,

To help them to realise that they too can see the brightness in the sun.

As they have their little whinge, I to feel the need to cringe.

As they have their little cry, my heart starts to feel dry.

As they have feelings of hurt, I feel as if I need to be more alert.

As they have their fear of doubt, I just want to shake them and let them know what life is all about.

As much as being an empath can be draining,

There will always be a rainbow where the sun is shining and it is raining

So as being an empath sometimes we need to recharge and reset with no regret,

As we see our love ones smiling telling them that we are always here for them no matter what so don’t you ever forget.

Much Love xxx.

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