Faith , Hope. Positive thoughts, Affirmations, Manifestations and all the Happy ways of feeling doesn’t always happen this way and you know what it’s okay not to feel this way. We are human beings with a lot of emotions and even the happiest person in the world could not go a whole 24 hours of feeling tremendous. It is good to express your emotions no matter how your feeling and even better if you can be aware of how your feeling or why you feel a certain way. You shouldn’t have to force yourself to smile if someone tells you to smile, you should have to not cry if someone tells you don’t cry, you shouldn’t have to not be angry if someone tells you don’t be angry, the only person you need to listen to is your inner being. When you are feeling a certain way try to imagine stepping out of your shell (body) and observe yourself. Imagine how you want to think and feel or watch yourself and think is this how I want to be and you will make your own emotionally changes yourself. This is how we grow to become the best of ourselves. Much Love. xxx

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