DREAMS! my poem

I now enter a deep state of consciousness,

So many scenes, familiar and unfamiliar people,

Being afraid, feeling loved, chaotic, death, nursing babies,

Seeing loved ones whom have passed by,

Being chased and you cannot hide no matter how hard you try,

Hanging out with friends from the past,

Doing fun things and having a blast,

Believing you can fly as you glide up high in the sky,

As I come back into my awake state of consciousness,

I question my self was that a dream, as it felt so real,

Was I dreaming or maybe not?

How can this be?

I am confused maybe I was not dreaming, and my awake state is my dream!

What if it was my dreams in which was real?

As now what I thought that I was dreaming is happening for real!

Lost for words!!!

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