As I close my eyes to sleep,

I feel a moment of stillness, drifting off, oh so deep.

While I am in R E M sleep state,

I enter a different realm as I walk myself through the gate.

Dreaming is for real,

There can be no other better great deal.

Here in the dream world, I can do anything I choose,

I can conquer anything without nothing to lose.

Wow, look at me I can fly so high,

As I am being chased, I am questioning myself why?

I get lost and can never seem to get anywhere,

How can I be here one moment and then the next over there?

I can see my loved ones who have passed on feeling so happy and free,

As they tell me how that is the place to be!

So many colours, so many people, so many scenes,

No such thing as work and paying bills, well not where I have been.

There is so much happening, but as easy as it is to come around, its as easy to go,

Not a worry in the world, as I can go anywhere, do anything, or just go with the flow.

My eyes open, wow was this a dream or was this real,

Or maybe this could be the dream when I awake, well that is how I feel.

Now I look forward to jumping into bed as I fall sound asleep,

Entering my dream state realm, I am happy to take that leap.

Dreaming is for real,

Remember, what you dream about, they all have meaning, take note and feel.

Much Love. xxx

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