Look at your personal self and ask yourself “what is it that I want to do for myself? “or ask “what do I need to make me feel happy?” The answer to both those questions will be most times” I don’t know!” Your constantly going to go through life trying to figure out what it is that you would like to do for yourself and your constantly going to assume that you will be happy when you buy the next material object for yourself. The truth is you need to learn to become still and to become in the present moment, ask your impersonal self "what is it that my heart desires?" You will no longer need to try buying your way to happiness, you will never buy your way to happiness because this is something that should already be inside, and it is. You just need to give your impersonal self some time, and to totally understand that it is your impersonal self who guides you to your life’s purpose. You need to trust, and show your impersonal self-respect, appreciate your life for what it is, help to put a smile on anyone’s face, give yourself some divine love and share love all around you and become more grateful. Then you will no longer need to fear anything as things will fall into place for you the way it was meant to. Do yourself a favour DON’T IGNORE YOUR IMPERSONAL SELF!

Much Love. xxx

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