Our spiritual guides are always trying to guide us by sending messages to us all the time only sometimes we are way too busy in our own minds to even notice. We are never alone through the journey of our own lives so even when you think you are alone, you are not.

We all have those times when we are feeling a little confused about the direction of our life events and then we will receive a sign or something will pop up that makes it a lot clearer for you to decide on your own decisions, well these are our guides, you don’t need to call it spiritual guide if this makes you feel weird, you could call it god, or the universe or source energy or intuition but honestly to put it as it is for real, these are our spiritual guides.

There are many situations in which we allow our ego to take control and we go through many experiences in our life making so many mistakes and therefore our guides would like us to become still and listen. They are always trying to talk to us so we need to learn to sit in silence and don’t ignore the whispers that come to us, these are our messages given to us to direct us onto the paths which will lead us towards our life’s purpose.

So next time you are driving down the highway and you get this sense or feeling that you should take the next turn off, then listen and take the turn off because there are always reasons why we feel these feelings.

To connect a lot more with your spiritual guides try meditating on a daily basis, this will help you to learn to become still and present even when you are participating in other activities, you will allow your guides to come through to you a lot more and believe me, you will notice that you will be coming up with so many ideas, also your intuition will be a lot stronger. Your life will not be as predictable, and you will live a lot more of exciting experiences.

So next time if you feel like you are alone and you feel confused, silent your mind and go within, feel the beat of your heart and ask anything you want, you will receive your answers in one form or another.

Much Love. xxx

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