We live through our lives with many beliefs, and if we keep allowing it to, we may live with these beliefs throughout our entire life and through these beliefs they will create a reality that will perpetuate itself until we can become aware of this pattern and make changes for ourselves.

When you can become mindful with your own behaviours you will realize that you are not your thoughts or yes you are having these thoughts, but they are not true. When you can have this realisation within yourself you will be able to free yourself from your own prison.

We can make up many stories in our own mind, some experiences we go through are not made up , yes of course their could be some trauma through our child hood or growing up and we keep reliving this over and over in our minds, it can become a vicious cycle but we need to comprehend that we have the free will to change this, because if we don’t we will continue living this over and over and it becomes deeply grooved within us which leads to emotional reactivity.

This simply means that the more we think about certain things and continue to rethink then the stronger the memory, so therefore the easier it is to reactivate these feelings and emotions, this eventually becomes habitual.

There is scientific evidence showing us that an average emotion has a natural life span of 90 secs, this is how long it can take for this emotion to pass through our nervous system and body, it is then in our own control to keep our thoughts going to continue feeling this emotion.

We can see it as being real but not true and learn to have a deeper understanding that our beliefs create feelings- and our feelings create actions. My message to you is simple, “Don’t believe every thought you think!” See your thoughts as floating bubbles arising in mid air, take notice of them but then watch them pop away into nothing!

A deep belief that most of us have is the perception of separateness. When the truth is we are all one, there is no reason to judge anyone, we need to learn to never make assumptions about anyone and any situation we encounter with. When we can become aware of our own behaviour towards ourselves and others, always remember to pause and feel more deeply before saying anything.

Much Love. xxx

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