There are 3 kinds of love in this miraculous universe.

1) Human love- which can vary and changes all the time so you can love one day and not the next.

2) Spiritual love- never changes but can vary in degrees of love.

3) DIVINE LOVE- which never changes and never varies.

Love does make the world go around.

But what really makes the world go around is DIVINE LOVE.

Feel some DIVINE LOVE to everyone in your life and to everything you experience in your life.

Let go of the ego and find that higher power to be able to reach out and go within.

Be kind and caring and give to others what you would do for you.

No matter what, do not look back enjoy your now moments because this is your DIVINE LOVE with life itself.

Give out your DIVINE LOVE today and this universe will be a beautiful place.

Much DIVINE LOVE.. xxx

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