What a great way to start of the new year by decluttering your home or your space you enjoy being in. When you find yourself feeling confused or you become stagnant in life you will benefit from doing a simple thing by decluttering your home. The less things you have the better, the more things you have can affect the way of your lifestyle.

There are many reasons to declutter your home and the first one is you will feel free, light as a feather, you will feel like you have cleansed your mind, your thoughts will be a lot more positive and you will be able to focus a lot better. Your living arrangements can affect one’s energy levels, allow more light in your home and be sure to empty out your wardrobe, get rid of anything that you have not worn for a while, or even better pick up each piece of clothing and think about how this piece makes you feel when you wear it, if it brings good emotions then keep it, if not then let go of it.

Start of with one room at a time, eventually go through your entire home and make 3 piles, one pile you wish to donate to anyone, the other pile may be to go into the rubbish and the 3rd pile you may want to sell to make a few dollars. I would much rather just give things away; you will be amazed with the things you no longer want to take ownership of can make some one else feel so blessed in receiving it. Its always nice to see the emotions of someone else feeling happy to receive even the smallest things. This brings you to the second reason of decluttering which is helping to serve others, you are doing a great deed buy giving away anything which has been not useful to you in the past months.

This is also a great exercise for you to do for yourself to help you to learn to detach from things, so in saying that try to give away something that you do like in your home to someone else, this will help teach you that you have the ability to detach from things. Learning to detach from anything can help you to being less fearful in life and you will be able to take control of your own emotions a lot more and help you to learn to forgive and let go of things.

Thirdly you will be amazed how much more space you will have when you get rid of things. You will not feel so enclosed in. Declutter your home today, you will thank yourself for it.

Much Love. xxx

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