Updated: Jan 24, 2021

If your one who enjoys being out in the garden, planting those seeds, arranging where you will put all your plants, watching them grow, watching some die, some getting diseased, changing the positioning so they are getting sun or protecting them from the wind or frost, it is always great pleasure when cultivating your own garden.

This is very much the same as one cultivating your own life. We will always have ups and downs, good and bad things come our way, happy and sad, fearful, and loving, smart ideas, silly ideas, laughing moments, crying moments, excited or bored, fast and slow pace, and so it is life!

We are the one in control of our own lives, we choose the thoughts we think about, so therefore we create our own paths. Just like cultivating a garden, you can do the same with your own life, decide on what you want to have in your garden and then start planting the seeds, our seeds are our affirmations we say or think about on a daily basis, after when you have planted those seeds have patience and trust in the process that things will work out, and if it doesn’t work out just like some plants we try to grow in the garden that doesn’t want to grow or dries out from diseases then don’t dwell on it, just try something else.

It takes time to cultivate that beautiful garden, much like our lives, it may take a long time before we see the beauty within but there will be a time when you start to notice the beauty in the smallest things you achieve for yourself just like the smallest flower that blooms in your garden. Our garden will never be that perfect garden, and this is the true beauty of it, appreciating the imperfections, just like our lives, things will never be perfect so we will learn to appreciate our life’s imperfections, we need to understand that, so it is, and let us deal with it.

We will always need to keep pruning trees or keep on top of the weeds just like our lives with random things coming our way, as long as we stay in control and react with a positive attitude, we will always conquer through any event that comes our way!

Look back and remember how your garden started out to be and look at how it looks today, look back and reminisce about your life and look at all the good you have achieved to get you to where you are today. Remember we are always learning, things will never be perfect, but the imperfections in life is perfection for our beautiful garden and for our beautiful lives.

Much Love. xxx

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