When you speak to most people, there is always that one person that they often talk about, that person that doesn’t act the way they want them to act, that person that always judges other people, that person that always plays the victim, that person that blames everyone for their own actions, that person that holds so much anger, the person that is selfish and only thinks about making dollars, whatever person you may know off that are any of what I just mentioned, try having an understanding that they may just be on different level than what you are on, don’t try to correct their behaviour, because this is a sign of judging coming from yourself, simply just continue to be with them, doesn’t mean you have to agree with them, you can always give your advice with what it is you would do in a situation.

The calmer you react with any situation they will eventually become aware of their own thoughts and behaviour and the more your around them and act out the way you do, they will eventually want to start to change their own actions because without you even saying anything they will learn from your own behavioural patterns. Create peace with everyone today and just be there for them no matter what the situation may be.

There maybe so many differences going on from the outside ego world but on the inside, we are all experiencing the same and we are all here for one another. We need to understand that in this universe there should not be any separation amongst all of us, we need to find unity together to create a world of peace.

Much Love. xxx

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