It is true that our subconscious mind has 95 % control of habitual thoughts and 5 % comes from our conscious mind, but it is also true that thoughts from our subconscious are the same repetitive thoughts we think about on an everyday basis, and it gets better 50 % of these thoughts are made up! That's right nonsense!

All the habits in which we have learnt from our memory bank which basically comes from our past, pretty much goes on auto pilot, so in actual fact our body then becomes our thinking mind. This is the reason why some people tend to live their lives doing the same thing, same mistakes, same habits repeatedly, just like Groundhog Day. What a boring life! Who wants to live their lives through auto pilot and guess what, its simply going to be the same unless you learn to break your own habits?

Your personal reality makes up who you are as a person, this makes up your personality. If you want to change things in your life you need to re arrange things! Start of with becoming still from all your thoughts, and even when those repetitive thoughts keep coming back, pay attention to what you are thinking and how this is making you feel. Because these thoughts is what brings on all the emotions, so feelings will control the mind and then the mind will control how you feel so if you don’t get yourself out of the rut it will become a vicious cycle.

When you are thinking from the conscious mind you will have more awareness of yourself, learn to stay still and pay attention to the choices you have made in your life which is no longer bringing you happiness, make small changes for yourself, don’t allow your body to control your life, think from within, your pure conscious choices will not let you down.

Start of with simple changes for yourself, do something different how you would usually do it, for example instead of waking up and going straight onto your phone to check your notifications, try waking up and start your morning with affirmations. You will start to notice that the small changes that you make for yourself that comes from within, you will start to feel different and you will no longer want to go back to the same repetitive life most people choose to live.

When you are ready take on those bigger changes, because remember when it’s the end of your life, these were all your own choices you made for yourself!

Much Love. xxx

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