Know that within all of us, we all have beauty within, we all have pureness and hold the same high values for ourselves and for others. No matter who the person is, no matter what the person has achieved, deep within oneself we all have this innocent essence, which is our holly spirit in which we all need to recognize and become aware of it for ourselves.

When you can recognize your own true spirit within, then you can become whole with yourself. When we can learn to understand that our pure spirit is eternal then, we must know within ourselves that we should fear nothing at all because our spirits are indestructible so therefore no illness nor no body or thing can hurt us.

When you can find wholeness within yourself then you will be able to live your life always in a state of happiness. You will learn to accept situations and events and people around you for how it is, and you will be able to accept and give out so much love, you will find your balance with all things around you and also for your physical body and health. When you become whole with yourself you will feel the need to always wanting to help and give to other people without expecting to receive something back, you will also see the true beauty in everyone no matter what their ego may be expressing otherwise, all you will see is love.

Finding wholeness within oneself will allow you to figure out what your true purpose is for being here. You will feel that within you burning desires this will lead you towards your pathway to live your life in a state of bliss and appreciating the simplest things in your life. You will also notice when you can find wholeness within yourself then it will also absorb into the people around you and when you all get together on occasions it will be the most magnificent joyful moments.

Give yourself some quality time daily and think and feel from within, this is the true you that wants to express and communicate with you. This will help you to become your whole self and free yourself into the world of magnificence.

Much Love. xxx

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