l feel like I’m in another dimension on my spiritual path so l decided l want to change something about my appearance that can signify how I’m feeling and express and the pathway l am travelling along. So without even knowing what it was called and not even acknowledging the meaning of it l decided l wanted to wear something on my forehead.

So as l was telling my fiancée Marc, my daughter Stephanie and her boyfriend Max, Max then told me it’s called a bindi and from what he knew it was a custom tradition meaning to show that you are devoted to one special person, which l thought was really nice and special but l knew there was more to it so l decided to look into it and l discovered that it is a cultural tradition in India and also some women in Mauritius wear it. This is where both my parents come from, so having an Indian background has also made me feel l should be proud of who l am and where l come from. So wearing a bindis has many meanings behind it. What caught my eyes was more the spiritual meaning that made me feel like it was meant to be for me to wear. As it can symbolise the the third eye or the sixth chakra. This is very deep but very meaningful. To me this is a gift in life to be able to see the inner and outer world. To understand fully my perception of my life and to fully trust my intuitions. Having no fear to be able to explore, expand and enjoy the life l have as it is today is the most amazing thing.

To be able to make decisions and have so much wisdom. loving myself fully to be able to except the love of others. My visualization is powerful towards my beliefs so I really feel the connection between myself and the universe itself and l just feel so calm and peaceful within.

I wanted to share this with everyone simply because l just wanted to. Much Love.


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