Stop going through your life repeating the same things over and over. Firstly observe and become aware of your thoughts. When you have the same repetitive thoughts every day your going to feel the same everyday and you will get stuck in living in your pass. Break out of your own thought process and act out in a different way, make different choices for yourself and act upon it. Remember you create your own reality so if you want to keep living in your past or keep living in fear from past events then that’s totally your choice. But you can break that habit and start visualising your future. You were born a genius but some of us forget this and become comfortable living a life playing the victim or blaming everything and everyone but themselves for them not being able to make changes. Live your life to be unpredictable, living in the unknown, give yourself a free mind to break free from your own thoughts. Don’t be afraid to act out on those Epiphany moments, go on a take the plunge in the deep end of the water. Remember you were born a miracle so therefore you can produce miracles.

Much Love. xxx

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