One thing we all need to learn to except in our lives is that we are all born to experience our lives with the physical bodies our souls chose to be in, and we will all experience a process called aging because no matter what we try and do to ourselves to keep looking young, the body will age and when its time it will leave this physical world.

Of course, there are a lot of souls who choose to leave earlier before their physical bodies experience the aging process, but they came here on earth and experienced what they needed to. Just like fruit can eventually rot away and flowers wither, our physical bodies will eventually do the same, but the great thing is we are able to live and experience life a lot longer than many things around us and if we take better care of our health with the right exercise and nutrition, we can live to enjoy it a lot longer.

This is where awareness of the inner body needs to become our identity rather than our physical bodies. Our inner body is our pure consciousness, its our life energy. No matter what the physical body is experiencing, when we can become aware of our inner bodies, out light of consciousness can shine through and will overpower any pain and suffering the body is going through because to put it quite simply we are not our bodies, we are not our minds, we are pure energy form beings, and we are indestructible. Stop focusing on what is happening on your outer body and start shifting your thoughts to the powerful energy you are within.

We need to take a moment each day to become aware of the awareness of our inner body, before waking up each day close your eyes and feel the life energy running through each and every part of your internal organs and each body part. Give a little attention to each body part until you feel the aliveness running throughout your whole body inside and out. When practising this you will feel the intensity feeling of being in space, as our inner bodies are not solid. This body awareness will allow you to become in the present moment and will allow you to let go of any fear you are holding onto and will help to fight all ego attached to your physical body and this process can help heal any illness or health problems by strengthening your immune system.

Learn to identify with the awareness of your inner body, practise this daily, go within and feel the powerful energy forces. When you become more aware you will be able to see your own physical body also as formless, you will not only feel the empty space within but you will feel the empty space on the outer life, the fullness of your life, the space where all manifestation will flow.

Much Love. xxx

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