There can be a silence of enlightenment or a silence of darkness,

Sometimes it may be hard to even know what is going on.

If I only knew why you were feeling this way,

Many times, I spoke to you and there was nothing to say.

At times I remember when you spoke being about deep and meaningful things,

But I could not hear you screaming from within calling for help.

Most times all I saw was your great big smile,

But how you felt deep inside, you may have been so frail.

Maybe you were hearing so many of your voices,

Why did they confuse you when all you wanted was to find your true self?

We need to let one another know that we are here to help,

There is great love here to go around.

Take a moment to call upon your loved ones,

Ask them, are you ok? Everyday!

Spread the love,

As we are all one.

Even so, that this may be your calling,

I will look, to see you above, my bright shining star.

Spread your wings,

And fly so high.

To all the bright shining stars above,

We love you.

Much Love. xxx

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