Guidance and messages from the spiritual world are thrown at us in all mystical ways.

Seeing repetitive numbers is one of them. So when you see the same numbers in your life path don't ignore it. Look deep into the meaning of it. These are our Angel Numbers and they all mean something special. Its a message to you from above and guidance.

I will share to you my special numbers l see at certain times in my life and what they mean.

222 - As you can see is a very special meaning to my fiancee and I, it is a very powerful number, very positive, New beginnings, holding on to faith and manifesting miracles.

1111- Angels are listening to you , think deeply about what you want in life, ask and it will be given.

444- Your angels are with you., supporting and guiding you giving you the assistance you need. This is a divine number showing that you are going through a personal growth.

333- Its a sign that you are going through a spiritual awakening, you see life differently, being in the present moment, having strong desires about your life and being in alignment your angels are with you to guide you all the way.

What numbers do you see?

Don't ignore look up Angel Numbers on Google and the numbers you see all the time to receive your message.

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