I have always told myself to keep on looking young and keep feeling young, this is something I drum into my own mind every day, So if you want to age less and live longer the first thing I believe you need to do is exactly that. There is nothing worse when you hear people say oh, I am getting old, so begin with a mental belief and you will find that the following advice will just seem to follow through.

* Exchange fear for love, the more you express love the more you will receive love in return.

* Eat more healthy foods, eliminate as many toxins in your body as you can. Try not to overeat as this can be very unhealthy for your body. When you are eating a meal eat until you feel comfortable.

*Stay happy in your relationship. Learn to communicate without arguing. Show your true love every day. True love is when we do not expect anything in return when we do anything for our loved ones.

*Do things that make you feel young, anything you enjoyed doing in your childhood, have fun and find that inner child in you.

*Exercise, you do not need to overdo it with anything, as long as you enjoy what you are doing. A brief daily walk, swimming and yoga are considered 3 great things to do for our bodies which do not cause too much strain.

* Live a blissful life , when you are feeling bliss you no longer need to find things to feel happy,

When you are living a blissful life you are grateful and love your life for how it is regardless.

*Get in touch with nature and enjoy the magnificence of the world

A saying from the Ayurveda tradition from Adi Shankara

“The only reason people grow old and die is that they see other people growing old and die and what we see we become, what we hear we become, what we touch we become, what we taste and smell we become.”


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