We are constantly using affirmations every day, telling ourselves repetitive things. Only, we need to be using more positive affirmations. Be careful how you say things out loud because some affirmations can help to attract the complete opposite to what you really want for yourself. Say for example you keep telling yourself, “I don’t like my work,” this is a negative affirmation and you will keep attracting the same thing for yourself , this may never seem to change for you until you change your thought process and you become more aware of how you say things. So if you are not happy with where you work tell yourself a daily affirmation like, “I can see myself working somewhere I enjoy being every day,” or “I am worthy to be doing something that I will enjoy.” Tell yourself daily positive affirmations, write a list of affirmations for yourself and when waking up in the morning say it out loud before getting out of bed. Even writing yourself little notes around your house reminding you to keep your thoughts positive. “I am” affirmations can be powerful as you are saying it like it has already happened so your sending great energy out to the universe. We can all have our down days, this is ok, just become more aware of how your feeling and don’t forget those affirmations, “I am worthy to live my life with lots of joy,” ” I am grateful for everything in this universe,” ” I am loving towards myself and others,” use these affirmations or have your own, you will be amazed how powerful your words can become. Go on give it a go!

Much Love. xxx

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