With so many things happening around us, many events, situations with family members or friends, our own livelihoods, for many people their lives may seem too hard, unfair, hectic, or simply feels that life just sucks!

Well, I have learnt myself that as much as all these things may happen to all of us life does not suck at all. It is simply our own choices and perceptions that suck, as my inspirational spiritual teacher Wayne Dyer says, “CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK AT THINGS AND THE THINGS YOU LOOK AT CHANGE!”

To be able to live a life of bliss we need to have total acceptance for what is happening in the present moment, no matter what situation we may be in or experiencing. When we can allow ourselves to accept, we will have a more understanding about life, we may even awaken from our egoic state, we will no longer live-in fear.

As we create our own pathways, sometimes we need to take a step back and become an observer of our own life, we can watch ourselves as if we are in a game, there will always be a reason why we are in situations that we get ourselves into today,

Firstly, we must understand that death is apart of life and as sad as it is too loose someone, if we can learn to accept death then this will help you to feel free within your own cluttered mind, yes of course we will grieve, to grieve is a natural thing, but our own lives shall move forward, as we learn to accept that our loved ones are no longer with us in physical form, but knowing that they will always be with us in energy form and that they are in peace, this is a beautiful thing. We need to accept this for ourselves that we are all born to die. This is how it is.

And then of course there are all the other obstacles we all get ourselves into, this could be a small thing anywhere to health issues or accidents. What ever we get ourselves into we need to accept it for what it is, things happen all the time, once we can learn how to deal with the situation for how it is instead of becoming angry, frustrated, and dwelling on it, it will become a lot easier to get through things and may even learn from many events and experiences for ourselves. Always look at the good instead of the bad. When you get yourself into a habit of doing this you will notice within yourself how calm and at ease you will become.

Acceptance will allow you to live a much more fulfilled life, becoming much more aware of why things happen in the way they do, if this can make sense to you, then this will help you to become a lot clearer on your own life’s pathway choices.

Much Love. xxx

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