Look around at this miraculous universe we are surrounded by. We are surrounded with an abundance of all things. There is enough of everything to go around. A lot of people complain that they do not have enough clothes or shoes, even cars. This is just it! We need to understand that greed can drive you to become even more greedy then to sadness because you can never feel fulfilled with your way of living. We should not be greedy, if anything we need to learn to give and to share. Everything should just flow, this is how the way of life works. When we give we shall receive, if we try to hold onto what we have, this will not get you to your place of joy. Giving and sharing is the cycle of life. Money comes, money goes. There is no need to be attached to anything, materialistic things may bring pleasure for a short time, but you will still be looking for the next thing after that. There is no need to hold on to things that you no longer use, just think, these things that you have lying around the home can be treasure for somebody else. Remember when we came into this world, we did not have anything and same when we leave, we leave with not one thing. To Save all the family feuds from all written Wills when people pass away, they should just give it all away to charity. This will teach people that material objects are not worth fighting for, there is an abundance of everything to go around. The most important is an abundance of love, gratitude, peace, and joy. Do a good deed today give something away, something that you have held onto for no reason at all. Go ahead and make someone’s day.

Much Love. xxx

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