Do you ever wander about who you were in your past lives?

Amazing how through hypnosis we can discover what can come through our dives.

I always wandered why I hold on to certain traits,

As my mind goes of into a certain state.

At times madness, joyfulness and sadness but I feel I was living a young soul,

Why is it that I enjoy being alone playing this role?

Craving love and attention always stays with me,

Blaming my childhood, it could not be, I know deep down the tunnel there is more to see.

Over time I have grown through meditation and stillness,

This is what has led me to my willingness.

I am deep within my hypnotic state,

I feel my mouth sobbing at a fast rate.

I feel the knowing that this is deep,

But with confusion I fall asleep.

I awake, remembering what I have dreamt,

I see myself a sobering boy, this is what has been sent.

The same face I was feeling,

When I was in my meditative state healing.

I wish to not close the door,

So please oh please tell me more.

Much Love. xxx

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