If your health has not been the best that you have felt maybe it is time to ask yourself that question, “am I happy with myself?” Your feelings and emotions have a lot to do with your mental and physical health. We need to start taking better care and learn to understand ourselves better. Learning to connect with one’s self-attribute has an important role with which road we will take for ourselves down the healthy highway.

The more connected you can become with yourself you will have more awareness with why you are feeling a certain way and what possibly could be the cause to be allowing any health concerns coming your way. No matter what health issues you are facing, refer to your feelings, reminisce on things that are making you feel a certain way. It could be minor things that you have been stressing out about but over time even the smaller things that we stress about can become worse over time which causes many health conditions and illnesses that most people are facing with today.

Its important to face yourself with that question, “am I happy?’ notice how you feel within and if the real answer comes out as well maybe, or mostly or sometimes, whatever your answer may be look deeper into yourself and write down things that you would like to either improve on or change for yourself. We should not be looking out for things to make us feel happy we should be happy from within, but there are many people who feel empty within and when we are feeling low on our energy frequencies, we are much more vulnerable to health conditions.

For an example I know with myself when I feel irritated or anxious about something, I bring on itchiness over my body, so when this happens now, I am aware that I am letting things get to me, so I will try and relax my mind by doing a meditation which will help to put my mind at ease. Do not ignore your health issues, understand that your emotions and thoughts are the core to the cause of your health.

Using the correct affirmations and learning to meditate daily can help you to understand yourself and to reconnect to help to stay in alignment. Do things that you enjoy doing daily, whether its some form of exercise or being out in nature. Just be grateful for where you are today because a happy you is a healthier you!

Much Love. xxx

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