Be grateful it’s Monday!

Why do people always want to feel like they have lost something?

As this will only cause them to feel pain hurt and anger for nothing.

Remember we can’t physically loose anything as everything around us get transformed into something else.

It is what we perceive for ourselves.

Just think no matter what situation it’s how we deal with it that will determine our quality of life.

Wake up on a Monday morning with a positive state of mind, your only going to get out of your life how you are thinking and we are only going get from people what we make of them. If someone is having a bad day and says something that isn’t nice, then instead of having two people crying for help to each other throw a loving response and see how things change.

We don’t build bridges just to get over them, we build them for what’s happening in our lives, for reality itself, for our realities are able to cross over so we are all able to connect.

Much love. xxx

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